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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

??? - October 12, 2016

I had a dream last night and when I woke this morning the dream made lots of sense.

When I woke and opened the door to the garage in bounded our yellow lab Maggie, but she was young and full of energy.  

But that was not the case this morning--Maggie had passed to the Rainbow Bridge, some time during the night.  We had been noticing a change in her behavior the past few weeks.  She was more quiet, sleeping longer, not joining in like she use to.  The age of Maggie was unknown because she was a rescue dog.  But the one thing the vet noticed was how worn her teeth were, so Maggie was well over 10 years old.  She had been with us since April 23, 2012.  She was a sweet girl that immediately fit in to our family life style.

We think Maggie had had many litters of puppies and was used to make her previous owners lots of money.  But, her days with us were very different.  She was a little spoiled to say the least.  I would like to believe she loved her final years with us and much as we loved her.

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