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Friday, October 14, 2016

Sun Moon Stars Continues

I've penciled in the stars and have stitching ideas for the moons.  This is a slow cloth for me--my first.  I'm usually rushing to complete projects.  Following this workshop with Jude Hill is taking me in a different direction from my usual approach to my art quilts.  I like it!!  Today, Jude talked about motion in her  SunMoonStars workshop.  The paisley gives the sampler motion within the block, but turning the entire block on another piece of cloth gives  movement outside the block.  That is not an original thought, but the thoughts Jude addressed this morning.

Look closely and you can see the outline of my block on the blue star fabric--I outlined in white pen--then made a little turn.  My goal is to stitch the stars and moons in the next few days. I'm also thinking how the paisley (Milky Way) is going to change during this slow cloth movement or stay the same???  This is my Off the Wall   project--check out all the others.  As Always, Happy Quilting!!


  1. My husband and I walk before sun up, this time of year. You have definitely captured the glow and busyness of the night sky we see overhead.

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts. I'm anxious to see where this little piece takes me, as I add more stitches.

  2. The block is beautiful. I like that fabric mix. Have fun stitching!
    I'm very sorry for the loss of your sweet Maggie. It's wonderful that she had a loving home for her final years and got spoiled. Sending you a big hug.