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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comfort of Psalms

I've made two Comfort of Psalms AAQI quilts for shipping in August.  The first is about 7 x 10 inches.  Could be a message mat/mug mat or use its hanging sleeve.   I used vintage tatting, beads, some hand ties and machine quilting to carry the lines from the black and tan fabric to the center of the piece.  The second quilt is smaller 6 x 9 inches.   
I like the little Log Cabin block.  I just took fabric from my bits and pieces and started sewing them to the center dot.  A little piece of silk on the left of the Psalm---just for fun.  The little quilt is hand tied with some machine quilting around the Log Cabin block.  Both were quick and easy to make.  If you haven't made an AAQI quilt--take a few minutes and put a little quilt together to donate at  
Happy Quilting!

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  1. These are both really cute, Jan! It's such a good feeling having them made ahead of time, isn't it? I need to get re-focused and off of other projects and back to this one...still my favorite thing to make and donate! Anyone, love these!