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Monday, July 18, 2011

I Didn't Realize

Where have I been and what have I been doing?????   I didn't realize until this past Sunday that I had not entered a post for one week.  WOW, a whole week disappeared.  I've been quilting.  My first project was the annual binding of the Church Bazaar Quilt.  This year's quilt is a pastel Log Cabin set in a star pattern.  A simple square quilt, but I had trouble with it this year.  Not sure exactly why, even had to put a little message in a, not so perfect, corner.  But you know I kinda of like the message and it seem just right for a Church quilt.  "God is our refuge and our strength"  Psalm 46.
I've also been working a AAQI quilts.  My goal this year is twelve quilts.  To date I have submitted one with nine to be submitted in August.  Some of these will look familar, but a few are new and I'll talk about them individually in later posts.  I'm presently getting ready to hand quilt a little fairy quilt for AAQI.

I'm using mettallic thread to add a bid of sparkle. Of course, the Critter Quilt keeps expanding.  I'll be posting rows as they are completed.  I'm working on it in between projects that have a dead line.

Lastly, I've been working on my Liberated Round Robin Quilt.  This is a summer challenge and everyone is making wonderful quilts.  We have two more rounds to go and I can hardly wait to see everyone's end product.  Check it out at there is still time to join the fun. Hope your last week was a delightful as mine and that this week holds exciting days and peaceful evenings.  As always, Happy Quilting!

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