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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dream Weaver

Ever put together something just to try a new technique? I've been seeing art quilts that have had sections or even all the quilt woven with fabric and trims---I had to give it a try. This mini quilt, which I call Dream Weaver #1, is the first in a series of weaved quilts I hope to complete for AAQI. I used vintage lace and fabric with some hand quilting, ribbon, and beads. Then I thought, what about incorporating weaving within a quilt, but not make it the entire quilt. In keeping with my love of vintage quilt blocks, I selected a bright blue and white Windmill Block pattern, and cut it into various size strips. I thought the contrast of blue jean fabric would make the block pop.

When I started weaving the first thing I noticed is that you could see the block pattern returned. I loved the look.
I then cut the block strips in half and made an second weaving on the blue jean fabric.
My final experiment was to weave a small independent block.
This little block need to be basted to hold it together and I used a foundation of dark blue cotton fabric as a base for the weaving. Right now all three blocks are on the jean fabric and I have added batting and backing, but I'm not sure it is going to stay like this. I'm in the thinking process now and I just might cut the weaving apart and use them as parts of other quilts.
I would welcome any thoughts you may have about my experiment. As always, Dream Weaver #1 will be sent to AAQI with the wish that dreams for an Alzheimer's cure comes true.

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