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Friday, March 12, 2010

Little Bit Crazy

This little quilt with its odd shape and fabrics I call Little Bit Crazy. I have always enjoyed the fine needlework found on the vintage crazy quilts and I thought I would try to put together a crazy quilt look a like for AAQI. I hardly knew where to start and my hand work in not as perfect as the quilters of the original crazy quilts, so I just sat down at my sewing machine and started adding fabrics to a foundation and things turned out a Little Bit Crazy. I found some embellishments added the pink butterfly applique. The butterfly is accented with some fabric paint and the tatting is vintage. The quilt doesn't met the standards of the originals, but it was fun to make and I may try again with hopes of improvement.


  1. Oh please don't sell yourself short. What you did IS ART. Beautiful work. I love the tatting you added.


  2. Thanks for you kind thoughts--I'm happy you like it.