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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


As I was organizing my thoughts about this morning post, I realized I have not told the story of why I'm making miniature quilts for Altzheimer's research. Besides enjoying the handwork and creativity the miniature quilts allow me to experience and the fact it is a wonderful cause, I make the quilts and contribute them to remember and honor my Mom, Helen Hoevel.

My mother lost her battle with Altzheimer's in 1995, after many years of slipping away. In '95 she didn't talk much and couldn't remember who I was, she was a shadow of herself. But, she left with me wonderful memories of a perfect childhood, loving family, and the privilege of being her daughter. She also left me with a love of sewing. Mom was a very good seamstress. Not only did she make my clothes and special occasion dresses, but she made some beautiful applique quilts. When I was surfing the net about 4 years ago I discovered Ami Simms' site and her AAQI project. I immediately thought what a wonderful cause and what a great way remember and to use the skills that my mother taught me. So I became involved and all my quilts are dedicated to Mom.

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