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Friday, February 5, 2010

Two More Sues

I've been playing with a new look for my blog and with the snow falling outside, today was a perfect morning to search the net. I've settled on this Funfetti by Daisy Gray Design. I was amazed the options out there to perk up your blog. I'm new at this blogging and layout thing so this was a treat to learn all that is available. Besides, blog remodeling I've completed two more Sun Bonnet Sue quilts for AAQI. This one is called Sun Bonnet Sue Laughs. I embellished the Sue with ric-rack, ribbon and beads. The print on the Sue's dress looked so happy to me that it inspired me to embroider the word "laugh" on the teal and peach background. We all need reminders to look to the happy times now and then.

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