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Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Year, New Goals

Happy 2010!! My wish is a little late, but I've been doing more quilting than posting. I hope to change that and become a more frequent blogger in 2010. It seemed from Thanksgiving to the first of the year time totally got away from me. But, I did find time to make quilts for Ami Simms and AAQI. I have a goal this year to send Ami 50 quilts before the Houston Quilt Show in November. Ami's goal is to take 1,000 quilts to the show and I want to help. I have sent 4 quilts and have 6 more ready for mailing, with a 7th waiting for binding. The little quilts may be sold before the Houston Show, by auction or the new Quilts for Sale page, but all will do their part to help fight Altzheimers. My plan is to use the vintage fabric and quilt blocks I've been collecting over the years and recycle them into a new life as an Alzheimer's AAQI Miniature Quilt. The first little quilt is what I call simply Cinderella. This is just a piece of vintage fabric I bought in a box lot at an auction. The piece was just the right size for a miniature quilt, so I embellished it with golden birds in the sky and beads on the dress. This little quilt is hand quilted and measures 8 x 10 inches. Check out my quilts and all the other wonderful quilts offered for sale or auction.

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