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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tears over a Tree--what's with me?

My eyes are dry now, but have you ever cried over something and then realized it was not what the tears were really about.  Happened to me today.  My hubby and I had planted a little pine tree.  Really little--about 16" tall about a year ago.  It was doing well, producing new growth and had shot up in the last few months.  We protected that little tree as loads of fill dirt and top soil was delivered to our home for a landscaping project.  Then this morning as more dirt was being delivered, I saw a truck in the area of the little tree.  NO, NO it couldn't be, but it was.  Our little tree was buried under mounds of dirt.

I was surprised how devastated I was.  I even walked to the top of the driveway just hoping I was wrong.  I wasn't--the little tree was gone.  Tears began to fall--even getting a little teary as I write this.  Hubby is out of town--I texted him.  Why was I so upset over that little tree, it can be replaced.  Then I realized it was more than the tree.  For months we have been battling one thing after another within ourselves and our family.  Illness, surgery, helping our son start a business, death of a parent, and a couple of unpleasant people that crossed our paths recently.  It has been like being caught in a whirlwind.   From one thing to another, with no break.

All these months of handling one thing after another with still more to handle in the weeks to come, I guess the loss of the little tree allowed me to have an emotional moment.  I know that is good, but I'm still sad at the loss of that little pine tree.

My son just texted me--he's going to try to unearth the tree to see if it can be saved--good son.  I think Hubby gave him a heads up.  Happy Quilting!

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