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Monday, June 27, 2016

They Say Things Happen in 3's

We received another RSVP in an email last night.  After the shock.  I made a Prayer Flag.

I have been in contact with this friend, frequently; and I knew she was in physical therapy for a back problem--that the doctor was attributing to a pulled hamstring.  She had become discourage because the PT was not working.  She made appointment with a second doctor, went for an MRI.  It is not her hamstring, but some serious back problems--that probably was caused from a fall she had over a year ago.  They think she broke her back---She will know more details on Wednesday.  I hope the doctors can relieve some of this pain she is having and give her a path to improvement.  The third Prayer Flag will be in the mail today.  If it is true that "things happen in 3's"  this should be the end and all other family and friends will be in good health.  Have a wonderful Monday.  Happy Quilting!

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