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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Monday---Two Prayer Flags in the Mail

On July 9, hubby and I are going to have a party.  It's to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Hard for me to believe--I don't feel much older than that day in 1966 when we took our vows.  Our party will be at a local wine garden, with a little music and a small group of family and friends.  Since we need a head count it's RSVP.  It has been nice hearing voices we have not heard in many years.  But with those RSVP's has come some very sad news.  Friday night we received a call from my husband's youngest cousin.  This cousin has always lived a state away and we have not seen him for years.  Communication has been via email.  He has cancer and given six months to live.  After the shock, I made a Prayer Flag.


 I wanted the flag to be uplifting and happy---so decided on these colorful tropical fish.  Beads that look like bubbles and a vintage fabric that contains the words courage, strength, healing and peace.  I do hope this little flag brings him peace in the days ahead. 

This morning I received a call from one of my quilting friends.  She and her husband will not be attending because she has just been diagnosed with Parkinson's.  After the shock.  I made a Prayer Flag.

  These two little  flags will be in the mail on Monday with Blessings and Prayers.  In my prayers tonight I will thank the Lord for the good health I have been given.  It is a blessing we all sometimes take for granted.  Not this gal.  Happy Quilting!!

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