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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prayer Flag for Strength and Faith

I have been making Prayer Flags for years.  I have photos of some and some were so urgent that photographs were not on my mind.  I just finished this one for a woman I do not know, but our husbands have a connection as members of a local Civil War Round-table.  She is confronting a very serious medical issue and her treatment will be painful.  She will need all her strength and more.

A little about making a Prayer Flag.  This one is 6 x 10 inches.  I start with just a torn piece of fabric.  Any color you wish will become the base.  I usually put a cord, ribbon or string on the top.  Fold over some of the base fabric and machine stitch into the ribbon/string to anchor so the flag is secure. Covering the top with colorful fabric and lace adds interest.

All the fabric I use is torn and random sizes.  This allows for the fraying to happen.  I also like to add vintage things.  Button, ribbon, lace and beads are my favorites.  But keys, paper, charms--anything can be used.

I secure all the fabric and lace that I add to the base fabric with machine stitching, but only stitch enough to hold the item or fabric.  Fabrics or items will hang free allowing lots of movement and interest.   A fabric pen is used to write the message/words.  Along with the flag and a personal note, I'll send a history of the Prayer Flags.  The history of the flags can be found here.
Sending a Prayer Flag to someone who is need of a prayer or two can be so helpful for them.  The friend who received my first prayer flag is in remission and said the flag give her so much hope.  It's still in her home today.
 Happy Quilting! 

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  1. A beautiful idea that allows creativity to flow freely. This is beautiful!