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Monday, August 25, 2014

Things Have Been A Changing

Things have been changing in my little household lately.  We have had a wonderful addition--our first grandchild, Parker.  I knew things would be different, but WOW, I didn't realize how different.  My sewing room is packed and ready for moving.

 My once room made up of boxes of fabric, threads, three machines and tons of ideas, will now consist of one machine is a corner of the lower level.

My sewing room will become Parker's bedroom.  As things go in this modern family world, our lower level is being turned into a single Dad's apartment.  We are blessed that we have the room and availability to offer Dad and grandson a place to hang their hats while getting their feet on the ground.

Parker will be with his Dad 50% of his time. At 6 months old, both Parker and Dad are learning lots about each other and this bright new world.

My quilting has become one of very small pieces and lots of hand work.  I've made a couple of tiny prayer flags (will post about those later).  Working on the horse quilt.

For some reason the quilting decisions for this quilt has caused me lots of concern.  But, finally after machine quilting part then removing stitches--just didn't look right.  I decided that hand quilting would be my best option.  I will say with this move to a smaller sewing area and the making of small hand work quilts and prayer flags, I feel refreshed.  It is very relaxing after some very busy days.

So, this is what I've been doing lately.  Change can be good.  Even though it catches you off guard and sometimes make things a little difficult.  But, faith keeps me centered and his precious promises will always speak to what is really important and the big picture.  Happy Quilting!

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