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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Catfish Pillow and Little Boy Quilt

My sewing room is getting a new look and a new purpose.  Soon to be a little boy's bedroom/playroom.  Boxes are being moved and new items are being positioned.  We have been trying to think of a theme for Parker's new room when an old Catfish pillow and an embroidery quilt gave us the answer.

This little quilt was a gift from my hubby's cousins to Parker when he arrived on the scene six months ago.  The Catfish pillow I've had for years----so why not put the two together to create a little boy's fishing haven.  My sewing room always doubled as a guest room.  So a trundle bed and night stand will be moved so that the quilt will hang over the crib.  An antique school desk, rocking chair, and toys will round out this special place for our special boy.   Happy Quilting!

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