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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hopscotch Party

AAQI quilt #20, I'm calling Hopscotch Party.  Those of you reading this who grew up in the 1950's may know what I mean.  Back in the day little girls would be invited to a Birthday Party and dress up in the prettiest little party dresses, many were a plaid like represented in this block.  The birthday gifts would be wrapped in all the finest paper and ribbon and of course, hopscotch was one of the most popular games of the day.  This little quilt reminds me of those days and a party dress I had as a child.  The log cabin block is vintage made of velvet, silk and satin, just like many of those party dresses.  The gifts are from a cotton novelty print.  The quilt is 8" square and has been machine quilted.  Just a little reminder of the days gone by.  Have a great Wednesday and Happy Quilting!

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