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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Super Saturday

Thanks to my hubby I had a really supper Saturday.  With his encouragement I entered the East Perry Quilt Show in Southeast Missouri.   I was excited to attend the quilt show because it was located 30 miles north of where hubby grew up and where we had lived for 11 years.  Also, it is in a very historic area and the quilt show and displays were going to be all over the community in homes, old general stores, on porches and fence rows.  Just a wonderful time to see a great area of Missouri.  Last year I participated in an Internet Round Robin.  We were given instructions for each round and we added that to our starting block.  The quilt didn't pass from person to person----we just added rounds and then posted our results.  It was great fun and we are presently doing our second Round Robin.  Check it out at
Anyway, hubby liked my little 22 x22 inch quilt I called Dogs & Dots with his encouragement to enter the show, I added some buttons for embellishment (more dots of course) and entered the little quilt in the Art Innovative Category.

It was awarded Second Place.  What a thrill.  I was on Cloud Nine all day as I attended a class on embellishments and thinking out of the box and a Bed Turning given by Ann Hazelwood.  Hubby took that time to visit with his cousin, who lived in the area.  Then we met for lunch and continued a wonderful tour of the display quilts and the historic area. 
Our first stop was the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society, Altenburg, Missouri where an exhibit of Lynne Taylor's quilts were on display.  Lynne's quilts have been juried in major international shows and in 2011 her "Tulip Star" quilt was awarded Best Miniature at the AQS show in Paducah.  Beautiful work.

All Around the Neighborhood

Christmas Magic

Star Santas

Home for the Holidays

Aboriginal Animals

We continued our tour to the Wine Country Inn, a B&B in Frohna, Missouri.  Each room of this lovely home was filled with quilts from the area.

From the B & B we drove to Saxon Lutheran Memorial Walking Tour Through History in Frohna.  This is a village of houses (I should say cabins) from the late 1700s, early 1800's that have been moved to the present day location for people to learn and enjoy the life of the early settlers of the area.  We didn't have time to tour the village, but on our next trip this will be our first stop.  In the visitors center, several ladies had a quilt in a frame demonstrating quilting techniques.  They were surrounded by a great display of antique quilts.

Wednesday I'll share with you the road to our next stop Farrar (pronounced Far), Missouri.  My wonderful Saturday just keeps going.  Happy Quilting!

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