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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Super Saturday -- part 2

After visiting all the venues in Altenburg and Frohna we drove to Farrar (pronounced Far), Missouri.  The gentle hills, green fields and quaint older homes were pleasant views as we traveled and then we came to this.
Fence Row of Quilts
Many of the houses in Altenburg and Frohna had quilts on their front porches, but this was an outstanding surprise as we traveled Hwy. C.  I'm not sure if all these beauties belonged to one family or if neighbors came together on this display, but there were some great quilts on that fence.
Farrar is an extremely small town, less than 100 population.  But at one time it had a busy general store that is now a B & B.  What is so interesting about this B & B is that it is now owned by the granddaughter of the family that originally ran the store.  Eggers and Company is a building stocked full of history.
A beautiful Sugar Loaf quilt greeted us at the front door and from that moment on it was a step back in history as the Eggers & Kaempfe Heritage Quilts were on display in every room.  The new owner did a wonderful job of decorating each and every room.  Twenty-three quilts were throughout the house, it made a perfect display.

Loved this display and the tour.  A perfect day of quilts.  And what better way to top of that day than with a relaxing glass of wine.  We decided on the Hemman Winery in Brazeau, Missouri (between Farrar and Frohna)
We have one more stop--Tower Rock-- before we pick up my quilt and head north to Josephville.  Well, more about that on Friday.  Have a great day Happy Quilting!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful quilts with us.