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Monday, April 23, 2012

Forever Home for Maggie

Some of you who have read my blog in the past know that about a year ago we lost our beloved Yellow Lab--Bear.  Bear had a good life and was a wonderful dog.  Bear was my hubby's dog and I didn't realize until about 3 weeks ago that hubby missed his dog so much.  Funny how he had always said, Bo will be our last dog.  Bo is 5 and considered my dog---anyway, Bill starts talking about a Yellow Lab that is in need of rescue in a town about 3 hours away.  At first I didn't realize that hubby, Bill, had been on the Internet looking for a Yellow Lab Rescue site, because Bo needed a buddy!!!!  He showed me Maggie.  She was what they call a "blockhead" (and so was Bear).  She looked pure breed and she appeared to have been dumped or left, because people could not take care of her.  I think you all know the end of this story.
Friday we drove 3 hours to meet Maggie.  Well, it was like we were her parents and where have you been????   She was so welcoming, sweet, kisses, tail wags and within 30 minutes we have a new Yellow Lab in the back of the car for the 3 hour ride home.

Some photos of  Maggie and Bo relaxing on the deck,  in the yard, and family room.  They love each other and are getting along better than we could have ever expected.  I guess Bo really did need a buddy.

Maggie is chewing on a Tennis Ball, they both love Tennis Balls, chasing them and chewing them.

Quiet Time

Maggie comes when she is called, is house broken, knows the commands sit, stay, and down.  Someone trained this dog quite well---or she is the most intelligent dog in the world!!!  We still have two medical tests to complete on Tuesday.  Heartworm test (praying for a negative result).  Heartworms are hard on dogs and some dogs don't make it through the cure.  The rescue center didn't know how long she was on her own and free of heartworm medication.  And, she has a bump on her back leg.  Some bumps are nothing and some are worst.  Her vet appointment is Tuesday and we hope all will be well.  Maggie appears to be about 6 years old.  She has had puppies before, and has to loose some weight.  I think she's looking thin already. 
I'm sure you'll see and hear more about Maggie as time goes by.  Hubby has already suggested and AAQI quilt to commemorate Maggie's arrival to the family.  Since, Bo has two quilts dedicated to him Maggie needs at least one.  I think hubby is In Love!!!!    Have a great day and Happy Quilting.

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  1. What a nice story, a forever home for Maggie and for you and your husband a forever friend.