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Monday, March 12, 2012

9-Patch Tilt

This little AAQI quilt was made without a ruler or rotary cutter.  I used crumbs from other projects and what I call the clip and tear method.  I keep a paper bag on the floor by my cutting table and when little pieces of this project or that project is left over I just toss then into the bag for a future crumb quilt.  For this little quilt I dug around in the bag to get neutral colors and then just stared sewing them together half square triangles---not really measuring just cutting into somewhat of a little square.  For the black borders, I just make an estimated guess on the width that I was looking for---clip the edge and tear.  I confess, I used this method frequently.  Borders are always straight once the grain of the fabric is established.  The little 8 1/2" square quilt was fun to just put together---I had no plan---can you tell?  That's how 9-Patch Tilt was born.  Old buttons are tied on just for a little fun.  Have a great Monday where ever you are and as always Happy Quilting!


  1. Jan, this quilt is so sweet. Your method is free and liberated---sometimes I over think my liberated patchwork. Kathleen in CT

    1. Kathleen, I know what you mean. I'm trying to liberate myself more this year and just let a quilt happen.