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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Talk of the Neighborhood

This morning our neighbor, Ted,  walked out of our woods---dressed in camouflage and caring an impressive looking hunting bow.  It's deer season in our area and since we live in a Missouri woodland, our neighbor usually takes his morning walk in the woods to see if he can find one of our resident deer.  I always stop feeding the deer this time of year----I want them to stay hidden and away from Ted for a month or two.
This morning Ted told us of a new critter in the neighborhood.

Missouri has a Bobcat population, but most of us never see these shy, silent guys.  But, now we have one among us.  It is exciting, for those of us that enjoy the critters of the woods.  We are lucky to have a family of Red Fox, Coyote and of course the Deer and Turkey not to mention the little critters that the Bobcat would enjoy.  I hope I'm lucky enough to see our newest resident.  They like to be out in the early morning and at dusk---I'll be watching.  Maybe he'll earn a spot on the Critter Quilt   Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Jan, the photo you have there is a mountain lion. Bobcats have a much larger and sharper ear with tufts of fur coming out. They also have spots whereas the mountain lion is tan. Google for bobcat and click on images and you will see a much different cat. There was a mountain lion found and caught in a tree on the campus of University of Colorado at Boulder yesterday. Nasty creatures.

  2. I live in Georgia, we have Bob Cats in my back yard. They are so wonderful. I hope the guy with the bow doesnt shot him. These are great creatures.If we didnt have Bob Cats we would be over run by coyotes and wild pigs.