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Friday, September 30, 2011

Quilting Blahs

Do you ever get the blahs?  I think I have them.  I've been quilting every day this week.  I have eight AAQI quilts ready for quilting, Dogs and Dots is close to being completed and the Critter Quilt is in a continued state of "under construction".  Maybe I have to many quilts going at one time---I don't know, but I have an overwhelming feeling about my quilting.  Crazy!!!!  I feel like I'm accomplishing things, but that there is more I need to be doing.  Maybe my quilts are to predictable and I need to challenge myself.  Sometimes I rush my quilting projects and maybe I need to slow down and really plan and work toward a "look".  Something out of the box for me.  I'm going to reevaluate as I calmly hand quilt this little Redwork AAQI quilt.

Next week is the Liberated Quilters Virtual Retreat.  That will be four days of fun and maybe I'll snap out of these Quilting Blahs as I take a look at not only the project assignment for the retreat, but other ideas I have on my mind.  Just being in my sewing room with the radio on and no interruptions can chase the blahs away and put me back on track.  The weather is beautiful in Missouri---a great Midwest fall.  I will step away from the sewing machine and enjoy the outside this weekend too.  Have a happy weekend and as always Happy Quilting!

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  1. Eight are ready for finishing? And and you are working on other things??? That's not the blahs, dear lady...that's over time exhaustion of creativity ;)

    But...good for you!!! You are just the best! Remember to send me their numbers when you get them for our group page. hugs hugs for all you do!