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Friday, October 28, 2011

Hard to Concentrate on Quilts

I have to confess I have not looked at a quilt or picked up needle and thread since it all started.
From the Rally Squirrel to last night's Unforgettable Game---The Best World Series Game ever.  The quilts have been put away and I've been glued to TV.  This is the first year hubby and I have not purchased Post-Season tickets, who would have guessed.  Go Cardinals.

But, some people have been thinking of quilts not baseball. 
Our biggest sale of the year is just around the corner. International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX is going to be the AAQI's home away from home November 2-6. We will be in the Exhibit Hall, Row T, in the front.
We asked our supporters for 1,500 quilts AND WE GOT THEM! Watch this short video to see a sampling of the quilts we will be selling in Houston.
November 1-10 (overlapping with Quilt Festival) is the Stanley Cup Quilt-Off. Twelve extraordinary quilts will be on the auction block at
Take a sneak peek at the quilts here:  Happy Quilting


  1. Oh my gosh......if that wasn't the most exciting game ever!!!! I did however spend the day in the sewing room (stop by my blog for an update). I am super excited to watch tonights game, GO CARDS!

    your friend in stitches

  2. I'm a huge Cardinals fan, too. Grew up in Illinois. Go Cards!!!