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Monday, October 24, 2011

Go Out of Business Sale

Hubby and I are always going to auctions---he likes sports memorabilia and I like the quilts.  A couple of weeks ago we went to an auction in a small Missouri town, where a Quilt Shop was Going Out of Business.  She sold  her major inventory of fabric, threads, notions and embellishments to another shop in the area.  What she offered at the auction were Quilts and Quilt Tops.  Did I ever have fun.  Years ago, because of my hubby's growing sports memorabilia, we opened an eBay Store.  Since then I have added fabric, notions, quilts and quilt tops.  These new quilts and quilt tops I bought at the Auction are now listed for sale in our eBay store.  If you would like to see my finds just Google---Walnut Forest Collectibles and click on the first entry.  That will take you to the Home page of our store, you'll recognize Bo.  Check out the quilt and quilt top categories.  This was a fun auction and some wonderful quilts.  As Always, Happy Quilting!

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