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Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter Surprise

This morning we woke to a winter surprise. The woods is laced with snow. This is a wet/heavy snow. They usually come this time of year and are gone quickly. You can tell from the photo of the driveway, the snow doesn't stick, but the trees are dressed in a soft white--it looks like a fairy land.

Thinking about a new mini quilt lately. I've been doing some sketches and will be looking through my stacks of fabric for just the right colors. I'm inspired by the wonderful Civil War quilts that were produced for fund raisers during the 1860's and anxious to read the next Elm Creek Quilt book by Jennifer Chiaverini. The Union Quilters is in at our local library and I'm number 9 on the reserve list. So I guess that's why I'm thinking Civil War Quilts. Not sure exactly where I'm going with this mini quilt idea, but the research is fascinating. Wishing you a fun weekend and Happy Quilting!

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