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Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Casualty

We had a storm last night. High winds and rain on an already ground soaked soil from the heavy snows of two weeks ago has weaken the base of one of our big Walnut trees. We always hate to see damage to our woodlands, but that is also nature's way. Hubby is going to make some calls today---we would love to have the tree taken down, but the ground being so wet may hamper any attempts to take it down before it falls and breaks apart or damages other trees in it's path. The woods is always changing, this year we have seen a new bird at the feeders. Yellow Belly Sapsucker, this little woodpecker is fun to watch and not shy at the suet feeder. I plan to do a little quilting today and look forward to my Crossroads quilters meeting tonight---here's wishing you a great Monday and as always Happy Quilting!

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