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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reflections and Refresh

Back and refreshed after the holidays. Not much quilting accomplished while I was unplugged, but many plans for 2011 were made. I did some reflecting about the 2010, too. My main goal for 2010 was to make 52 AAQI quilts during the year. I fell short by 7, but I did reach my overall AAQI goal of $1000 earned from my mini quilts. In fact, my present total is over $1500 and I have 5 new AAQI quilts waiting to be finished. This year my AAQI goal is to slow down and produce a more creative mini quilt, to try my hand at new techniques and to be even more liberated in my quiltmaking. Happy New Year to everyone and as always Happy Quilting!!!

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