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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In the Beginning

Everyone has a quilting story---how did I come to love, and appreciate quilts? Where did the desire to become a quilt maker come from? Where am I going with my quilt making? Reflections and Refresh is my theme this year. This is a milestone year for me, I will be turning 65 and now what do I want to do since I've grow up. After so many years of balancing the raising of a family, a demanding career, planning for the future, social and community obligations, being the right hand gal to my hubby and his demanding career---what do I want to do now? Children raised, retired from my career, hubby retired from his, social and community obligations are now by choice. Freedom to do what I truly enjoy---quilt making is now in the forefront and I'm loving it. A picture is worth a thousand words. These are the two quilts that I can truly say sum up my love of quilting.

Hanging on an antique drying rack in our guest bedroom is a Sun Bonnet Sue made by my Grandmother. It was a Christmas present to me when I was in the 4th grade. I love that quilt and each time I look at it, memories of her and all the wonderful quilts she made from the feed sacks she collected while living on a farm in rural Missouri. Not only did she make quilts for the family, but she made me doll clothes from the same feed sacks. Many are represented in this quilt and I remember them to this day. This quilt was once lost to me and found and returned. I'm so thankful to have it back again. I will have to say this quilt was the beginning. I loved touching the fabric, feeling the warmth---like my Grandmother's hug. How can a piece of cloth offer so much to someone?
In the course of life events came the passing of my Grandmother and a gift. A few months after she had passed, my Mother give me a suitcase. She only said your Grandmother wanted you to have this. I had no idea what my Grandmother would have given me---I thought I knew all her thoughts and possessions, but I had never seen this suit case before. When I opened the case I discovered her quilt patterns, quilt blocks, and this quilt top Improved Nine-Patch ready to be quilted. At that time I didn't know how to hand quilt, so I had it quilted. Since it's completion some 25 years ago, it has been on display in our home and the spring board for all my quilting. As this year begins, so does my Reflections and Refresh theme as I move forward in some quilting adventures. I look forward sharing them with you and I hope you will share yours with me. It's Tuesday so I'm off to the church to do some quilting. Have a great day and Happy Quilting!

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