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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ice Dreams

This morning our area of Missouri woke to a blanket of snow and it's still snowing. The forecast was for 6 + inches. I think I'm looking at the +. The woods is quiet, as only a snow can make it, except for the bird feeders. Lots of activity at all the feeders this morning.

The Cardinal is very patient as he waits for the Woodpeckers to take a break. All this snow has inspired an AAQI quilt. I'm thinking Polar Bear Ice Dreams.

This Polar Bear is part of a novelty print I've used before to make AAQI quilts. I love this print for its bright colors and happy pattern of a bear family enjoying a snowy outing. Just like today. So soup is going in the slow cooker and I plan on doing some sewing. I'll give up dates as the day continues. As always Happy Quilting!

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