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Friday, November 12, 2010

Critter Quilt Blocks

Keesha, one of the prettiest dogs--but so high strung, she was a lovable challenge

I've started working on my blocks for the Critter Quilt. My master plan is sketched and measured---I'm sure there will be adjustments. But, as of now, the quilt will have a variety of blocks---applique, painted, patchwork. They will be pieced together in a liberated patchwork style, no set pattern. The Keesha block was sketched using a light box and fabric pens.

Bodhi, husky mix who passed away this year--we still are adjusting to his absence.
This block was sketched using a light box and fabric pens.

Bear, our yellow lab. Very polite dog and a real joy even in his old age.

Mr. C, a white rabbit my Dad brought home when I was in about the 7th grade. Mr. C, was a--service rabbit. We would take him to the St. Louis Head Start programs in the 1960's. It was great to see the kids with a big white rabbit. Many of the city kids had never seen a rabbit before. He wore a red dog harness and weighted about 20 pounds.

Both Bear and Mr. C were needle turn applique. The butterfly was fabric that I also needle turned applique. Both blocks have embroidery to highlight ears and legs.

I can already see that my Critter Quilt is going to be fun. Just the remembering of my many pets and their personalities has been a treat and I've only just begun. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Quilting!

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