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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Angels Among Us

Sunday is usually not a day that I post on my blog, but this morning I wanted to share a story of two wonderful angels, who entered the life of a young couple. Yesterday, hubby and I went to a funeral in a small town in North Central Missouri. The town, Fayette, Missouri is the home of Central Methodist College (now Central Methodist University). CMC was where we received our college degrees, met, fell in love and started our life together many years ago. Also, in this town was a couple, she a nurse, he a farmer with three children, who took us under their wings and became good friends. This friendship continued as we moved away from Fayette and began our life's path together. The annual Christmas card, the visit when ever they were near our home and our visit with them when ever we returned to Fayette. The type of friendship that is characteristic of a conversation that picks up where it left off. Mary Lou passed away a few years ago from cancer and Cliff passed away this past week. We returned to Fayette, Saturday to Cliff's funeral and the burial of their ashes together.

As I think back on Cliff and Mary Lou and the friendship they offered a college couple---I have come to realize they were angels who entered our life, to help us establish our path as a couple. We learned so much from them, they were wise, honest, wonderful parents and true friends. I'm so very thankful God placed these two Angels Among Us when we were far from our own families and beginning our life together. May we all be Angels for others. Thank You Cliff and Mary Lou.

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