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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cotton and Silk

I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to start working slower. I took a few days off, life was to busy to think of quilting. But, last night the house was quiet and I had a thought. I'm fascinated with the weaving of fabric to make a quilt top. So I took some of my self-rusted cotton and a silk scarf, cut both into 1 1/2 inches strips. Weaved a patchwork quilt top.

I made my quilt sandwich of cotton batting and a silk backing. It thought of cotton as a backing, but I want the piece to be extremely soft---so silk became my experiment.

I noticed the silk both on the back and front shows fabric movement. Working with silk is always a challenge as the fabric is in constant motion. I think this will make the finished product quite interesting.

You may notice a patch above the needle, I plan to add a few of those thought out the project. I will hand quilt the piece and presently thinking a black animal applique would add interest. I'll keep you posted. Happy Quilting!

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