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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mother Nature and Cabbage

I was so anxious to get back to blogging after our trip to Baltimore, but those thoughts were quickly changed on the afternoon of Thursday, August 12. Our area of Missouri was pounded with server thunderstorms and it seemed that the lightening was centered over our house. As I was preparing dinner for 8 the storm hit its peak. Two guests had arrived and hubby was in the garage ready to see how all the new landscaping was doing in this downpour of rain and heavy wind, when a bolt of lightening hit one of our large trees about 16 feet from the corner of the house. You can imagine the sound as the tree exploded. Tree debris was everywhere.

It was great dinner conversation and three of our guests had never experienced a thunderstorm like a Missouri thunderstorm, so they had their phones and cameras out taking pictures to show their friends on the east coast.
The tree is quickly dying and will be removed this fall. The lights went out is one section of the house, but hubby quickly corrected that with the circuit breaker, but is wasn't until later that we realized that our computer was not able to receive the Internet. Thirteen days later and a few calls to our telephone company---we are now on line. I stayed busy doing some much needed chores around the house, I'd rather be blogging and completed a AAQI quilt.

I named this one Cabbage. It's a combination of novelty prints, machine pieced and machine quilted. I have three more planned from the same print. The quilt measures 8 1/2 by 10 inches and will be mailed to AAQI the first of September.

As an update, the August AAQI Auction is over and my quilt Single Thought sold for $100.00. My thanks to the winning bidder for helping find a cure. Happy Quilting!

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