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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teach Old Hands New Tricks

You never think it will happen to you----but it does. Life is ever changing and the key word is adjust. Adjust is what I'm having to do. After years of doing what ever I wanted----something called arthritis is beginning to become a challange and making me reevaluate how I do things. For a couple of months now I have noticed pains in my hands---what could it be???? One trip to the doctor's office and I soon found out arthritis is setting in. Hand quilting is becoming more difficult. I still hand quilt, but only once a week instead of daily. I must adjust. I have decided to teach my self how to machine quilt---oh I can sew a straight stitch, but now I think it's time to learn something a little more fancy. This group of quilts is my first attempt with free motion quilting.

I'm finding it fun and I know things will get better the more I practice. The remainder of my 2010 donation of 25 AAQI quilts will all be machine quilted as I try my hand at more and more free motion quilting. Adjust and Grow That's my new motto.

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