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Monday, July 19, 2010

Purple Safari

I did it!!! With the help of my collection of ideas and two days of a quiet household, I was able to design 25 miniature quilt tops for AAQI. Now, the tops are not ready to ship and some will get additional fabrics, embroidery, charms etc. But, for the most part the ideas are together and I'll be completing them throughout the remainder of the year.

Purple Safari is the first of the group to be finished. The patchwork was part of a fabric exchange at a recent quilting guild meeting. I belong to the Crossroad Quilters. We are a very casual group that meets once a month. We share projects, ideas and most importantly just enjoy each other company. Back to Purple Safari, I added a few additional fabrics and a raw edging with black embroidery floss to complete this little 7 x 7 3/4 inch quilt. I have discovered something with my marathon 2 days of quilt top making. I noticed that I had ideas popping in my head faster than I could sew. And, I now enjoy the fact that I can go to my sewing room, pick up a little quilt top and have fun just completing it. I'm going to remember this in the future. Have a great Monday and Happy Quilting.

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