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Friday, June 25, 2010

Campaigning for a Vote

I have entered a Weekly Themed Quilt Contest sponsored by Quilting Bloggers. The theme this week is fathers. I have placed my quilt, I call The Generals in the contest. I made this quilt for my hubby a few years ago. It is machine pieced and hand quilted. I found these unique pictures of Union and Confederate Generals on fabric from a lady on eBay. She made these blocks by enlarging photos from a set of 1890 cigarette cards. Then transferred them to fabric. I just couldn't pass them up. My hubby is such a Civil War buff---I knew he would enjoy this in a quilt. The quilt has fabrics representing each side of the war. The backing is Confederate gray, the front has Union blues, with reds, tans and tiny hearts to represent the battles, the deaths and the loved ones that served in this grueling war between the states. My hubby really enjoys this quilt, not only for the warmth, but for all the stories he can tell about these men. An avid reader on the subject, the stories are endless.

When I think of these men/fathers long ago and our military fathers of today, I think of how they are giving a gift by example to their children---Men of honor, doing their duty and living their convictions. So I entered the contest. Now for the campaigning----Your Vote Would Be Appreciated. You can click on my sidebar (Quilting Bloggers) and then click on Weekly Themed Quilt Contest to Vote. Thanks for considering The Generals. Wishing everyone a fun weekend

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