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Monday, May 3, 2010

Oriental Play

This AAQI quilt is made from a vintage quilt block pattern I had never seen before. I think this is why I enjoy the vintage quilt blocks so much. So many have gone by the way side, that it's fun when I discover a new (to me) pattern. As usual, this block was purchased at an estate sale in Missouri. I bought a box of patterns and notes that appeared to be a quilters notebook. The box contained a sample of a wide variety of quilt blocks (1 of each type) and notes about making the block. It was very interesting and I have used many of the blocks in my quilts. I could never locate the name or any information about this block in my old quilting books, so I just call is Oriental Lantern. To make the mini quilt I call Oriental Play, I used some oriental toile fabric and cut out a pair of playing children and bird. I then used fabric paint to highlight some of the clothes and feathers. The little quilt is machine quilted and the block was hand pieced.

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