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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Puppy Dog Lost

I have completed the Puppy Dog Lost mini quilt and five others for AAQI. The last time I talked about Puppy Dog Lost was St. Pat's Day. I've been quilting slowly. This little quilt has been a quilt that evolved. I was going a different direction and the quilt just seemed to have a mind of it's own. I think I mentioned in the last blog about the quilt that the little dog was to be a Scottie and now he look more like a Terrier. I used a variety of techniques on this quilt, including: a vintage 9-patch quilt block, needle turn applique, raw edge applique, fabric weaving, embroidery, beading and fabric paint. The quilt just kept growing and the message was becoming more clear as I continued to stitch. The puppy dog seemed to be lost in a maze of different fabrics and stitches, at times he is almost difficult to see. I understand that as our beloved four-legged friends, dogs and cats, begin to age they to suffer from the feeling of being lost---an Alzhimer's all their own. I have dedicated this quilt to all of us who have loved and cared for our best friends from their puppy and kitty days to their elder years.

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