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Friday, May 21, 2010

Cecelia's Quilt

I'm blogging early this morning because we are headed out for a little vacation. I will be away from a computer and taking a blogging break for about two weeks. I wanted to show you the project I'll be taking with me on our little vacation. This is Cecelia's Quilt. The quilt is one of the first I had ever made and I made the quilt for a dear friend who was very ill. I was working, teaching high school history to high risk students during her illness and was not able to be available when she needed me. I thought a quilt may give her the comfort I could not. I made the quilt very quickly and because of time was not able to hand quilt or even have it machine quilted. I used a primitive large stitch and tied the quilt. Thankfully, Cecelia has recovered and is doing very well---but the quilt is in need of some attention, a little face lift. I've always wanted to add to the quilting and give the quilt a little whimsy. Hint---Cecelia likes cats. I'm taking the quilt with me to do some applique and addition quilting. I'm planning to enhance the quilt with hand quilting around the new applique and additional primitive stitching. It's funny how differently people look at things. I was never really pleased with the look of the quilt, but Cecelia loves the quilt. The fact the quilt is loved is the true purpose of a quilt and I'm thrilled the quilt holds a special place in her heart. I'll post the quilt's new look when I return. Happy Quilting!

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