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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Story of Bodhi

Today is not a quilting day for me. My mind is occupied with concern for Bodhi. Bodhi is our 13 year old Husky mix. Bodhi has always been our high energy dog with lots of spunk. He thinks every day was an Iditarod day. Bodhi is a pretty boy. He has the signature one blue eye and one brown eye, with the great light tan marking on his nose and eyebrows. He became ours in and interesting way, we didn't pick him and he didn't pick us. As a puppy, he belonged to a friend of our son, but as he become older the boy lost interest. Bodhi has the typical Husky personality and was not easy to train, the boy became frustrated---back to the Iditarod mind set. I just couldn't see this little puppy go to just anyone, who would not understand the special training that goes into owning a Husky. So after hubby and I talked it over we decided that Bodhi would be best with us. A decision we have never regretted. Bodhi is not feeling good today and having difficulty walking. We knew this day was coming. Last March he was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer (for humans I understand that would be stage 4). He has been doing well, even better than the vet expected, but this weekend he started having difficulties. He ate his breakfast this morning, but I had to give him help to move to his dish and to make his normal trip outside. This is sad to see him becoming quiet. We'll make a trip to the vet today, to see if this new limp is cancer related or something else. I don't know what I should do, I don't think I'm ready for him to leave, but what does Bodhi want?


  1. the heartaches our fur friends cause but the joy before is LOVE! pure LOVE!

  2. Hello! I found your blog through "quilting bloggers". Such fun finding other quilt blogs! Bodhi sounds wonderful! We have a husky mix, Missy, with the two-colored eyes. Very sweet and mellow... until we go walking! Then it is off to the Iditarod! Pull! Pull! Pull! :o) I saw in your next post that it is cross-paw strain (or something like that). So glad to hear that Bodhi is well for now!