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Friday, February 26, 2010

Never To Early

I've started thinking about this year's Church Bazaar. It never seems to early to start making quilts for a cause. I have a couple of ideas in the works for this year. The message mats and quilts in a jar I made last year were a big hit, so I'm expanding on those ideas again. I've made a couple of message mats and have some smaller quilts in a jar under construction. I'm thinking of a wall hanging with a message and some Art Jars for the creative kiddo. I'll be posting more photos later.
This message mat has a vintage 9-patch block, that I picked up at a country auction, embellished with buttons, ribbon and Comfort in Psalms fabric. I also used dryer sheets, feed sack and red, white & blue vintage fabric as a base.

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  1. Jan:

    Wonderful little table message mat! Thinking ahead is a good thing, your preparing to get it all done now instead of the stress for last minute ideas. Good stuff.