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Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Link

I've been working on the blog this morning and decided to add another link to the sidebar. My hubby and I have been eBay members since 1998 and for years have operated an eBay Store called Walnut Forest Collectibles. It has many collectibles, including quilts, fabrics, notions etc. We both participate in stocking the store and running auctions, so both of our interests are represented in the store. The little pup peeking through the bushes is now a 3 year old, 100 pound big boy named BO. He still thinks he's that pup. Stop by sometime and browse---things are always changing.


  1. I tryed looking at your ebay store but there is something wrong with the address or someting .....

  2. Okay, It must have been me ,I tryed again and it worked this time !!