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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baseball Card Weekend

This weekend belongs to my hubby. I have my quilting hobby, that my hubby totally supports and he has baseball---that I totally support. For 35 years we have been involved with baseball and sport memorabilia collecting. Thirty-five years ago he found and attended his first Baseball Card Collectors Club meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. He was hooked. He had collected baseball cards when he was a kid, but that club meeting was a second starting point ---he has been adding to his collection through buying, trading and selling every since. I'm a firm believer that anything that big becomes a joint project---so I participate in his hobby, too. Not so much as a collector, but as the vendor/table tender and sales manager. We set up the collectibles that he has for sale at various Sports Collectors Shows through out the country. He uses the sale of his duplicate items to buy the items he wants for his personal collection. This weekend there is a show in St. Louis. We'll be selling---he may be buying---from Friday to Sunday. I won't be quilting this weekend, but I will have a few magazines along and a sketch pad. Happy weekend!

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