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Friday, June 16, 2017

Quilted and Ready for Binding

Truly just off the wall.  I finished quilting my middling quilt for the 70,273 Project.  Now it's ready for binding and off to Jeanne.   This quilt was such a pleasure to make.  The cause is so worthy.  There are 166 pairs of X's.  Each pair representing one person physically or mentally disabled person who had no advocate, who was alone, who was murdered by German Nazis in 1940-41.   This was a very dark time in world history and a time that needs to be remembered and never repeated.  Unfortunately, the horrors against mankind continue.  As I have stated before, I wish the horrors against mankind could be eliminated as quickly as it takes to make a quilt.

 I made this quilt to represent new growth, new understanding and new compassion for mankind.    It is machine quilted.  The free hand drawing of flowers growing in a pot were filled with fabric x's attached with Wonder-Under.  I used two shades of red for interest.  Also, small fabric ink x's were added to the pot for texture.  Linking to Off the Wall Friday .  Have a wonderful weekend and as always Happy Quilting!

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