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Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday---Moment of Thought

Here's hoping everyone enjoyed a great Father's Day.  We had a nice one with our son and grandson.  Hubby barbecued--which is his favorite thing to do and after dinner grandson was off to Vacation Bible School for an evening activity.

 This time is fun for me, but like many of you, is a little sad.  My Dad is no longer here and I miss him so much.  You see, like many of you, I was a "daddy's girl".   He was a wise, loving, and funny man, who made each day so special for those around him.  He would go out of his way for so many people.  Dad died very suddenly and caught so many off guard and in shock.  His funeral was huge and an eye opener to me.  I knew he was special to me, but until his passing didn't realize the lives he had touched in our community.

If you were in a situation where a decision had to be made,  Dad had a special way of saying the right thing, that made you think, analyze and come up with a solution that was right for you.  I remember some of his phrases:  "If you can't say yes 100%, then the answer is no".  "If you can't say anything good, say nothing at all." and "Be true to yourself."

I try to live by his example, but I will say I had not always remembered his advice and words--only to wish I had.  He was a wonderful Dad.  To this day, and my Dad has been gone for 40 years, I will meet people who remember my Dad--strangers to me, but they were not to him.  They always remember him with smiles and stories.  What a blessing for me and what a tribute to him.  Have a wonderful week and Happy Quilting!

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