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Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday---Moment of Thought

Walking is hard for me at the moment.  So out has come my trusty cane.  I have one in every vehicle and a collection by the front door.  I'm a polio survivor, who for years had no problems at all.  Then, about the time I turned 50 something happened.  Walking became a chore, tired legs that would not move, falls, exhaustion.  What was going on??  Tests were run and the conclusion was Post Polio Syndrome.  Something that happens to polio survivors around the age of 50.  The muscles just stop working they are worn out.  I guess it is best to say, no one realized that those of us that were lucky to get all our strength back after polio, had really suffered damage to the nerve cell that activated the muscles and after being used vicariously all these years are now wearing out.

I had been so blessed as my polio was non existent all my growing up years.  I did everything my peers were doing at the time.  Biking, running, hula hooping, jumping rope, marching band in high school and college as the featured baton twriller.  I forgot I had polio when I was young.  But, now things are changing.  I can go for months and be okay.  Oh, I walk slower than most and I have to be careful about what chair I choose to sit in--ones with arms are the best.   The outside temps will affect my legs both the heat and cold.  This week in Missouri the temps have been wonderful until about three days ago.  The summer is underway and the temps are creeping up.  When my back starts hurting I know that my legs are getting weak.   I do a few more leg exercises than usual, I rest more than usual and within a few days my legs will move again with out pain.

But, I have to tell you it is always scary.  There is a hidden fear that things will not improve.  In a few months my little sewing corner will be making a move to the main level of our house.  Now it is on the lower level.  Good days the steps are not problem, but it will be so nice to have things on the level where I spend most of my time.  I wanted to start quilting on the middling project I'm working on for the 70,273 Project, that will not be happening for a few days.

The thought for today is life is fragile and how we live it is so important.  Cherish every moment, we never know when the things we take for granted may be taken away.  Polio gave me a wake up call years ago and I try to remember every day to enjoy that brisk walk on good days.  Happy Quilting!

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