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Friday, May 12, 2017

Woodland Life Reality

Life in our woodland is unfolding as I stitch this little art quilt.  As the sun sets and the stars and constellations emerge the drama is continuing.  Mama and Papa Robin are trying to protect their nest from a dark predator.  During the mid-morning hours, a Missouri Black Snake realized that there was a nest of Robin's eggs in the Cherry tree that is close to our office window.  He got as close to the tree as possible, then hid under a rock.  The Robins have done there best, all day, to keep him away from the nest.  Even though Black Snakes do go after tiny birds and bird eggs, they are very good to have around to control the field mice, voles and other small critters, even unwanted snakes that can cause havoc for those of us who live in the woods.  The Robins were successful, the last I looked.

 But, now as morning dawns, I'm not so sure.  The nest seems quiet, Mama & Papa are not flying to and fro.  The cycle of life for the woodland critters can be hurtful, they say it's natures way.  Woodland No. 2  represents that woodland drama. Drama we observe and that which goes unseen.

Fabrics represent the scene that was played out yesterday and today.  Birds, snakes, stars, constellations and small critters.  All of my art quilts are made from vintage bits and pieces.  This one is a portion of a hand quilted star quilt.  I will be adding machine quilting, hand stitches, beads and hanger/branch. Linked to Off the Wall Friday and Whoop Whoop Friday.  Wednesday is reveal day.
 Stop back by and enjoy your weekend.  Happy Quilting!


  1. What an interesting approach you have. I like that you are using bits of vintage quilts in your work but giving them new interpretations.

    1. Hi Kaja I find I enjoy my quilt making if there is a story behind my stitches. Sometimes it's just to title/name of the quilt. Other times daily events influence me. Thanks so much for your comment.