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Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekly Art Quilt Project

Over the weekend I found an interesting blog Serendipity Patchwork and Quilting, hosted by Brenda Gael Smith.  At the beginning of the year she started a Weekly Quilt Art Project that participants can link up to on Wednesdays.  It really sparked my interest.  I enjoy making small art quilts---what a way to get my quilting mojo back.  So, I'm starting this week (Week 33--I think).  I also decided to try a series.  I never quilted in a series, but I've read that it helps to organize ones thoughts.  I need that.

Since I have a love of nature and the woods, my series will be themed around woodland life.  My quilts will be small and many will have hand stitches.  This weeks quilt is featuring trees, boulders, flowers and the sun.  This weekend we planted our front yard slope.  It is loaded with huge boulders, from the ledge to the dry creek bed.  Hubby was tired of mowing, so with the help of our son we converted the hill side into a terraced area.   We filled many spots with perennials, and will be adding mulch and smaller landscaping rock.  We want a maintenance free area, just to enjoy.

This weeks art quilt will be hand stitched, no binding--just the raw edge and measures 5 1/2 inches square.  Notice the basting.  I've never tried this before, but I'm a little rushed for time and I thought I would just bast my little pieces to hold them in place before the hand stitching begins.  I'm sure the quilt police would have something to say about this technique.  Check back Wednesday to see if I meet my goal of completion.    I better get stitching.   Happy Quilting!!

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