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Friday, January 20, 2017

Sun, Moon and Stars Progress

I started this little project months ago along with Jude Hill and the Sun, Moon and Stars followers.  Many have completed their projects and move on to other wonderful stitches.  I'm still working on my original design.  I've tried to add some motion to the little cloth with angles and outline stitching. As Jude would say, this is my slow cloth.  It is very relaxing to stitch and let the little cloth direct that stitching.  I enjoying watching everything come together.

I have some quilting obligations---so I've made a pledge with myself.

 I'm an early morning person and usually I just have a cold glass of water (not a coffee drinker), watch the early news, feed the dogs and sorta waist time.  Now, I turn off the news, still feed the dogs, and quilt for an hour or so.  My obligations is to my church quilting group.  The little baby quilt (think I've talked about it in previous posts) and a second quilt that needs  binding should be completed by the early February, thanks to my new schedule.  The schedule also allows me to work on Sun, Moon and Stars plus other quilting projects.  Before my new schedule I was always to tired at night to quilt, now I can just relax at night and not feel guilty for not stitching.

I'm linking to Off the Wall Friday.  Click Off the Wall Friday to see some wonderful projects.  As always, Happy Quilting!


  1. Another morning person, starting her day with hot water, not cold, but then I live where the weather is cold this time of year. Isn't wonderful what you can achieve before the rest of the world wakes up?

    1. Oh yes, I don't know why I didn't think of quilting earlier. It is working out beautifully.