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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On The Way

I created this blog, familypatchworks, to journalize my quilting projects and quilting thoughts.  I named if familypatchworks because I have an appreciation for vintage fabrics, quilts, quilt blocks, quilters and the history/story that surrounds all quilting projects.  I like using found orphan blocks in my art quilts for that very reason.

This little whole cloth cheater fabric is a joy for me to "complete".  You see, I did not start this quilt.  It was started by a woman, who has since passed and had no great-grandchildren.  Her first great-granddaughter will be born in Mid-November and the grandmother to-be asked me to complete the project.  We have found it very interesting that the quilt is pink, at the time it was started there were no hints of a grand child in the future.

Just one of the many wonderful stories I have stumbled on to since starting this blog, years ago.
Happy Quilting everyone!!!

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